Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 111: La Cravate (1957) - Rank: 3/5


Alejandro Jodorowsky's films are certainly marked with an overpowering sense of the surreal with a predominant focus on the visual. While a lot of individuals have cited "El Topo" as his best and their favorite of his works, I always vie for "The Holy Mountain" when I've got a hankering for his sense of cinema. So much so that I've never made it around to watching one of his early, experimental films until now. The tale of "La Cravate" is focused on two characters - a young girl who makes a living selling used heads, and a character that is struggling for identity who sells his head to her and finds himself adorning her mantle.

Using the phrase "himself" feels inaccurate, for it is just a head. Jodorowsky then begs the question: what really makes you, you? Once the head is separate and both the head and body are cognisant of themselves, how do you classify "the being?" Does your personality define who you are, or is it your physical person? While existential at its core, the film is never overburdening in its message. Instead, its simple a light piece of pantomime fun that feels quite innocent when compared to Jodorowsky's later works.

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