Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 292: Possession (1981) - Rank 4/5


I'm not sure if I truly liked this film or not, but I can say one thing: I couldn't draw my eyes away from the screen. While the analogy is dreadfully overused, it was like watching a train wreck - horrific and grisly, yet there's something about the carnage that's hypnotic. Sam Neill and Isabele Adjani both turn in amazing - nay - frightening performances as a couple whose marriage is fast collapsing. Mark (Neill) returns home after a business trip and finds that his wife Anna (Adjani) wishes to leave him, admitting that she has found a new lover. Mark tracks down her lover Heinrich only to find that Anna has spurned him as well. So who is she sleeping with exactly? The question should not be who, but what, for Anna's new love is a creature that looks almost like a half-human, half-penis, drenched in placenta drippings, which moves about with the aid of multiple tentacles.

The film falls into the "What the hell did I just watch?" category reserved for some of the more bizarre films that have arisen, from many of Lynch's films to newer puzzlements, such as "Uzumaki," "Audition" or "Visions of Suffering." In fact, it's somewhat akin to Lynch's "Eraserhead" in the sense that if "Eraserhead" is the manifestation of a nightmare a man has after finding out that his girlfriend is pregnant, then "Possession" is a nightmare that one might have at the first signs of a divorce. It's not a pretty film to watch by any means, but the allure of seeing a film where Sam Neill drowns a man in a toilet filled with vomit is hard to resist.

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