Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 327: Q (1982) - Rank 2.5/5


Okay, despite living sans home computer for three months now, I need to finish my year's reviews. I started reviewing at the end of February of last year, so I suppose if I complete the process within the next week, the delay won't be too admonishable (watch me not finish until April now). I snagged "Q" simply because it was a movie with the title "Q." Like "M," a single letter title piques interest. Unlike "M," "Q" does not hold interest that well. Another brain child of Larry Cohen, the mastermind behind "It's Alive," "Q" is another monster flick that features a mythical bird rather than a mutated child. The delightfully cheesy poster tagline says it all: "Its name is Quetzalcoatl... just call it Q, that's all you'll have time to say before it tears you apart!"

The serpent/bird attacks are the nonsense that bring two parallel story lines into the same fold. On one side of the city, Detective Shepherd (David Carradine) is investigating a series of murders where each victim is found skinned from head to toe. On the other side of town, small-time crook Jimmy Quinn (Michael Moriarty) is running from the cops after a jewel heist gone sour and ends up at the top of the Chrysler Building where Q has its nest. Jimmy tries to extort the city for profit in exchange for knowing the bird's lair, Shepherd comes to realize that the museum's expert on Aztec monsters is the guy who brought the creature to life, Carradine and costar Richard Roundtree wander around bored for a bit and the finale to King Kong is redone. Entertaining schlock at points I suppose, but the film does disprove my friend Bryan's theory that "any film that features boobs and decapitation in the first ten minutes is awesome!"

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