Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 0 - The Beginning

I've never been one for New Year's resolutions. It's not that I'm the epitome of perfection, it's just that I find them cloying or pointless most of the time. However, looking back at 2008 I realized that I had seen only 25 new films or less during the span of the year. I can cite a lot of reasons why - I work eighty hours a week, made two feature length films, spent a large part of my summer in AP training, etc. But the truth of the matter is I just didn't set enough time aside to enjoy to movies and as a movie theater manager, such a fact is unprofessional. As a movie lover, it's unfathomable.

So in 2009, I've vowed to amend my neglectful ways by watching one new film per day. When I say "new film" I don't mean a title recently released into theaters. I'm referring to any film I've never watched before, and despite being a moviehound, there are quite a few I've never seen (the art of cinema has been around for over 100 years, after all). I might miss a day and have to watch two the next, but in the end, I will have viewed 365 films I've never seen previously (or more).

The reason for the blog is simple: to help me keep track of what I watch. It's also intended as a source of recommendations for the friends I discuss films with. If others find my recommendations or reviews helpful, then that's an added (albeit incidental) bonus.

In the way of reviews, let me preface by saying that I'm not a huge fan of ratings. Too many people gauge whether they see a film or not based on the number of stars it receives in the local paper. They forget that ratings are subjective. I say: if you want to see it, see it! Don't let the opinions of others limit the films you see. That being said, my "rating system" is based more around whether I would recommend the film to a friend, rather than if it is "good." If you're not sure what that means, see my personal rating system below...

Rank 5 - Buy it or see it now! This is a rating I reserve only for those films I can compulsively watch again and again (or those I wish to watch once more immediately after finishing my first viewing). The type of film that instills me with a sense of awe that reminds me why I enjoy going to theatres. Rent it or see it next time you have the opportunity to do so. *NOTE* These are the types of films I believe define myself as a filmgoer (the realm of personal favorites, if you will).

Rank 4 - Highly Recommend. Typically two major divisions of film fall into this rank: excellent films with low replay value or mediocre films with high replay value (the guilty pleasures).

Rank 3 - Recommend - The movie might have its flaws, but it's still entertaining enough to be worth your while.

Rank 2 - Don't Recommend - Don't take a "Don't Recommend" rating as an "Avoid" rating. I see these as movies that are, on the whole, bad, yet they have a few redeeming qualities that help you see them through.

Rank 1 - Avoid Like The Plague - The type of movie you literally force yourself to see through. Those with a pace more sluggish than Sydney Greenstreet wading through wet cement or acting on par with that seen in collegiate productions of Shakespeare plays. I can make it to the end, but it hurts (I'm not one for walking out of films. I've only done that once in my life during The Bread, My Sweet. I believe that if you're going to dog a movie, you should see it in its entirety to legitimize your hate).

I believe that's it. Check back regularly for updates.

*sigh* I can't believe I actually started a blog...

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