Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day Ten: The Crow (1994) - Rank 3.5/5


Every now and again, I'll book a midnight I've never seen simply because I've been inundated by requests for it. "The Crow" is such a film. While the film has gained some pop culture notoriety for its frequent association with the "goth/emo crowd" (however one would define such a vague colloquialism), this is not what had deterred me from catching the film (it is what has kept me wisely avoiding "My Chemical Romance"). To be quite honest, I have no idea why I never caught the film prior to now, because it has a lot of factors going for it that attract me: it was directed by Alex Proyas (the genius behind "Dark City"), had a script co-written by David Schow (the author of "The Official Outer Limits Companion" - a book that was like a bible to me as a youth) and featured a bevy of character actors.

Needless to say I found it guilty fun. I perceived one of the weaker links of the film to be Brandon Lee's performance. His deliveries just seemed too stilted rather than brooding. It may just be me though. But he was still early in his career yet, and I'm sure future roles...oh...that's right... Anyway, this marks the second villainous role I've seen Michael Wincott in this month ("Strange Days" being the first). He has a rather large repertoire of nasty roles (Narc, Along Came a Spider, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, etc). I suppose if one is afflicted with such a graveled voice in Hollywood, it's tough to break from bad guy typecast. He would make a fitting henchman in the long dreamed about film project Bennett, Adam and I dreamed up entitled: "Gravel."

The premise: Nick Nolte and Gary Busey are both detectives for the NYPD. Commanded by their chief, played by Robert Loggia, they're sent to take down the biggest mob boss in the city, known only as "The Poof" (Harvey Fierstein). Michael Madsen (and now Michael Wincott) could be his lackeys. Mix in a dash of Jeremy Irons and you're set. The only problem is a female lead that is gravel-voiced and attractive. Elaine Stritch? Kirstie Alley? The reanimated corpse of Lucille Ball? Eh...I'm sure it will come to me. Oh, and in the quirky, tag-along, comic relief role (a la Joe Pesci in the Lethal Weapon films...but tolerable) we have another star from "The Crow"...


Yes, it's Jon Polito. Everyone's favorite, flamboyant, Hispanic curmudgeon. I didn't even know he was in the film until he appeared on screen, to which I quietly whispered, "Yes." The last time I made such an utterance, I caused my friends Adam and Christine to nearly burst into laughter at the beginning of "Blade Runner: Final Cut." The reflexive "yes" sneaked out when M. Emmet Walsh's name rolled up on the screen (can you blame me?). I shudder to think how poorly their giggling would have been viewed, for the audience was maintaining a reverent silence as the film began.

And somehow...I've gotten off track. Ernie Hudson was awesome too! And Bai Ling is hot as shit! Done!

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