Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 187: MST3K: Racket Girls (aka Pin Down Girl) (1952) - Rank 4/5


By the time season six rolled around, the Best Brains crew had really hit their stride. Prior seasons were marked with hit-and-miss commentaries with humorous sketches. During the show's last couple of seasons, a lot of the sketches were becoming hit-and-miss, while the stream of bon mots during the film were sensational. Seasons five and six seems to be the best of both worlds as long as the crew got the proper fodder. Such was the case with "Racket Girls," making it one of the funniest episodes I've seen in some time.

Set in an ambiguous city, the film out-Ed Woods Ed Wood with a paltry script about a group of mobsters running a shoddy gambling racket, using a female wrestling ring as a front. The plot is the loose thread that barely connects stock footage sections of bulky dames wrasslin' in their panties, either in the ring or at the gym. Shots of buxom lasses working out also serve as "establishing shots." To be quite honest, there's no linear, coherant story. So if I were to use my ranking system to rate the film, it would easily be a 1/5. Just middle-aged women's breasts and wrestling. I suppose it might serve as a stag film for guys who watched "I Love Lucy" and thought: "That Ethel bitch is hot!" Though if that's the case for you, then just keep in mind what Crow quips: "I'm becoming aroused by a woman that's been dead for years. What's wrong with me?" Ah, I miss that show.

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