Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 190: Ssssss (1973) - Rank 3/5


As a science teacher, it's important for me to keep apprised on new developments in the science field so that I can convey that new information to my students. These are ten important lessons I learned from the film "Ssssss" that can be easily incorporated into my curriculum.

1. Milking venom from snakes is a lucrative industry.
2. All female scientists are sexually-repressed and need a penis to make them better researchers.
3. Sentient cobras can survive nuclear bombs and holocausts and will rule the future.
4. Genuine freaks in freak shows are hard to come by and garner top dollar when sold.
5. Boa constrictors need to drink Scotch to maintain a healthy diet.
6. The law of conservation of mass is more of a "guideline" when it comes to human-to-beast metamorphosis.
7. Never trust doctors, professors or anyone in a position of authority.
8. Snakes can be charmed with the words of Walt Whitman.
9. Cobra venom is a powerful hallucinogen. Ergo, stick your hands through the bars at the zoo to get bit for a cheap "trip."
10. Science can only be used for evil.

That's pretty much it. A scientist turns a man into a regular-sized cobra, because he believes it's the next step in evolution. Oh, and Heather Menzies takes her clothes off, but all we get is a PG-rated peek. Damn censors. Mad props to John Chambers for a pretty cool transformation that probably influenced Chris Walas' work on "The Fly" a tiny, tiny degree.

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