Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 338: Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone (2008) - Rank 3.5/5


I feel like it's hard to rate the film properly, for I'm unfamiliar with the "Neon Genesis: Evangelion" series. Throughout a great deal of the film, I felt as if I should be proclaiming "Bitchin'!" but I lacked the proper context to truly revel in the film's vivid, kinetic glory. Furthermore, this is a film that needs to be reviewed in reference to the original series and I cannot do that either. However, speaking as an objective viewer, who felt more like he was watching part 7 of an ongoing series when he was unfamiliar with the previous installments, I can say the film achieved one major thing of note. It got me intrigued about what I'd missed. There's just something about a series that features antagonists that are an amalgamation of machine, monster, man and myth that is so delightfully quintessential in Japanese animation culture. The "Angels" - creatures that challenge the plucky, young heroes of the tale - possess no set form or power. It varies from one incarnation to the next, not unlike Gozer. 'So,' you ask yourself, 'what you're saying is the series is like a Japanese Ghostbusters?', but for simplicity's sake...let's say, yes.

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