Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 114: Obsessed (2009) - Rank: 1/5


Forgive my crudeness, but what a shitty movie. Okay, I didn't see this one by choice. I was forced by my teaching job to chaperon a field trip to a competitor theatre to partake in either this or "17 Again." I was afraid that I might be injured in a mass swooning when Zac Efron appeared on screen and all the teenage girls were at once "All up ons," at the sight of him. No risk of that in "Obsessed." The best it has to offer is Bruce McGill. Yeah...


Anyway, many students recommended this blatant, "Fatal Attraction" ripoff, because: "Beyonce gets all up in this girl's face and bitch-slaps her." Is "bitch-slap" supposed to be hyphenated?...Anyway, I spent the duration of the film, watching the film as I kept 200 teenagers from texting. It may be a bad movie, but I don't want my misery interrupted by glowing screens surrounding me. Thus, I began to sow an even deeper hatred for the film on screen, beyond my abhorrence for the simple fact that it was a horrible film. So bad, in fact, that it scarcely deserves the effort I'm giving it now. Done.

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