Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 139: Hot Rod (2007) - Rank 3/5


Okay, I went a tad too far in my last review, so I'll endeavor to be concise (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it, despite the fact that I'd been drinking a tad when I was watching this, and therefore have a sketchy recollection of it). Ever since I came across the website "The Lonely Island" years ago, I've been a fan of Andy Samberg and his clan. He's one of those individuals like Michael Showalter (or anyone from "Stella") who has the enviable status quo of making it in Hollywood simply from putting stupid videos on the Internet. "Hot Rod" goes to show you that stupid Internet videos can still be made, though with a budget and major studio backing, and yet still be funny.

The premise is simple, yet idiotic. A wanna-be stuntman (Samberg) wishes to follow in his alleged father's footsteps (dad is reputed to be Evil Knievel) by making record-setting jumps. His stepfather mocks his son's dreams, the two of them get into fights and one day, a fight puts his dad into the hospital. The only way to make enough money to save him? A highly-publicized jump. Again, the plot matters not, for it simply serves as a loose frame for a multitude of near non-sequitur jokes to be attached too. The film is hilarious at times, though the line does blur between original and some other schtick that could be attributed to "Stella," "Family Guy," "Tim and Eric: Awesome Show" or other recent, offbeat hits. Still, for mindless entertainment, I suppose I could do a lot worse.

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