Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 129: Blood Car (2007) - Rank 3.5/5


Ah, this is one of those films where it's easy to make up some clever, little phrases that can double as taglines. How about: "A high octane comedy that inevitably runs out of gas." Yeah, that sounds pretentious enough. I'll take that film critic position now. In all seriousness, I could also use a phrase that was uttered my friend Michael in his recommendation of the film to me, "That movie cracks my shit up." Indeed, it did tickle my feces to the point that it no longer maintained proper composure. It was then that I "lost me shit" while watching the film. Okay, stupidity aside...

"Blood Car" is a low, low-budget, independent film by a crew of first-time filmmakers who know one all important rule of attention-garnering and moneymaking in Hollywood: blood and guts and boobs within the first fifteen minutes of a film sells! This film easily falls into the realm of guilty pleasure for it delivers more gore and laughs than Sam Raimi has in twenty years (or Troma has in its entire existance). The premise is simple: in a future where gas prices are too high, a kindergaten teacher invents a car that runs on blood...human blood. It's a world where cars are an extravagance for the very rich, equalling a lot of girls for our "hero." Ultimately, the vegan tree-hugger becomes consumed by guilt for his murderous ways and the government sets its sights on his creation.

The film is delightfully absurd in its humor, even at school where Archie (Mike Brune) teaches his kindergarten students about matters such as the Manhattan project. I also really appreciate teh fact that most of the film's soundtrack is comprised of classical pieces that the film's action is timed to. The movie's humor does trickle out after a good hour in and the federal agents being played by guys barely out of their thirties seems implausible. That's one of those situations where the director should have remembered that jsut because you can cast your friends in your movie doesn't necesarily mean that you should. Still, if this is the first effort by this crew, I'll be keeping my eye out for their future products.

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