Monday, March 9, 2009

Day Forty-Six: Primer (2004) - Rank 4.5/5


This is the type of film that gives all amateur filmmakers hope for the future. When Shane Karuth wrote, directed and starred in this film, it cost him only $7,000 dollars (most going to film stock). However, carefully executed shots deceive the viewer from thinking about the film's potential budget and the script is so mind-boggling, you won't have the luxury of allowing your mind to drift. What Karuth created is one of the best time travel films I've ever seen, and consequently, one of the most confusing time travel movies I've struggled to process.

Two engineers, who spend most of their free time in their garage, trying to create a device that will help them "get rich quick," unwittingly invent a time machine. However, there are a couple of catches: the time machine will only go back in time to the point that it was turned on and you must spend the duration of time you're traveling back in actual time inside the machine. For example, if you turn it on at 9:00 AM and enter at 5:00 PM, you will travel back in time to 9:00 AM but you must spend eight hours inside of the device to do so. Perplexed yet? Here's a diagram that might help:


Anyway, at first the two use the machine for the obvious idea - to make money (in this case, buying and selling stocks). Shortly after though, when crazed friends and doppelgangers begin to appear on the scene, you find yourself exclaiming "What the fuck?" as the characters on screen do. And no, don't fear that these are spoilers. In fact, I could tell you the entire plot and you'd still feel perplexed once credits begin to roll. That's because Karuth's script is so complex and in depth, it demands multiple viewings to comprehend the entire plot. Many might find that quality vexing, but it was just my cup of tea being the over-analytical bastard that I am.

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