Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day Twenty-Four: Mad Max 2 - aka The Road Warrior (1981) - Rank 3.5/5


This was my first introduction to the realm of Mad Max (gasp all you want). A lot of folks I know really dig Mel Gibson back before he was actually crazy and simply played crazy, so to speak. I found the film an entertaining way to kill an evening, but I don't know if I feel an overwhelming yearning to see the entire trilogy. Perhaps it's that I find the post-apocalyptic, dystopian future films fairly repetitious. Perhaps it that I set my standards to high (and by "high" I mean "low") by using the epitome of road films, "The Car" (1977), as a benchmark (no, I do mean "high" after all). But I think that the most likely reason of all may have been that my heart is two sizes too small.

The entire plot: it's a motor driven future and everyone wants one of the few remaining caches of gas. I wasn't aware of this film until it was remade last year under the title "Syriana." Like all true road movies, a basic premise is all you need, because the true point of the film is the racin' and the 'splosions - and this film has ample of both. The movie is purely action-driven and hey, the mind likes an opportunity to take a vacation from logic every now and again. The main villain, The Humungus, is as hilarious as a young Bruce Spence is awkward to look at.


This was another situation similar to "The Crow" - a midnight film I booked that I had never seen before. In this situation, I was thoroughly glad that my first introduction to this film was on the big screen. The impact of the action is far more dazzling when it takes up your field of vision and drowns out your thoughts. And you wouldn't want your rationality interfering. That's what ruined your view of "Waterworld," you film snob you.

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